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On this multi country project you will volunteer in a wide range of conservation projects, giving you a holistic view on how these fragile ecosystems rely on each other. In the Seychelles, you will be assisting the Seychelles National Parks Authority with crucial wildlife and island conservation projects while working with an abundance of flora and fauna. In South Africa, you will be volunteering with an international team in order to collect vital behavioural data on reintroduced predators and large herbivores on a private game reserve. In order to assist with this vital conservation work you will be trained to use research equipment to help locate predators in the reserve and you will receive invaluable training in large animal identification, tracking and behavioural study skills.

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Gain experience in the rainforests of Costa Rica for a conservation-based career, working and living alongside a research team. You will learn a range of skills on the internship from those focused on research such as data processing, biological surveys, camera trapping, species identification, to practical skills such as first aid, canoeing and more.

On successful completion of your initial training phase, you will proceed to your work placement site and will work with either the team you learnt with to help run and manage the conservation projects, or you will have the opportunity to work with a partner rainforest lodge doing wildlife and habitat conservation.  Either way you will be working alongside a professional conservation team, learning from them all along the way.

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Immerse yourself in the rich Nepalese culture amongst breathtaking Himalayan scenery and volunteer in a care centre or children's home. Nepalese traditions are an important part of local life that have remained largely unchanged in centuries, allowing you to fully experience life in this amazing country.

Upon your arrival into the beautiful country of Nepal, volunteers will have an orientation in the second largest city of Nepal and visit traditional Hindu and Buddhist sights. During this time, you have the chance to explore the area, live with a Nepali family, learn some basic Nepali and visit many of the local sights.



On Land, Making a difference!

There are endangered wildlife all over the world and this has been largely due to human impacts on their environments. It is important that like minded people get involved and help out the helpless wildlife and educate people on the devastating long term impacts they are causing. If we all pull together to make a difference and save the future of our planet, we can help to rejuvenate ecosystems and help them flourish again like they once have. Wherever your passion lies there are conservation projects which you can put your heart into to make a fundamental difference.

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