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  Whether it is cricket or rugby, hockey or netball, or other sports played from the time at school through to university, it is the one thing most people can connect and unify in. The competitive spirit and desire to be a great sportsman is in so many of us and whilst growing up it is fundamental to have the opportunity to maximise this desire. Visiting other countries and experiencing the different ways sport helps individuals and nations is a truly life changing perspective.

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Whilst learning at school, college or university, there is only so much the classroom can teach you. There is an abundance of life skills to be learnt whilst absorbing other cultures. The different ways people show respect and the daily routines they partake that is fundamental in daily life. This can be applied to academic trips all over the world giving students the opportunities to see how things are done differently. These can lead to life experiences that may be implemented in to their lives back home.

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Each institution has different needs and want to plan their trips for their students differently. This is why it is so important to have flexibility with the way tours are run. Tailor making a tour allows a range of different options which may not be available on a set itinerary. Be it a ski trip to Canada or an educational tour anywhere in the globe you can arrange it knowing all the specific important elements are included.

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Great Journeys. Fascinating Places.

Field trips and life experiences are essential to students as they grow up and learn their way in the world. As part of this, it is really important to experience different cultures and understand how things are done differently in different places and why this is. History could play a big part as well as the geography of a place and making trips available to a range of students helps them find out for themselves. It could be a competitive trip such as a rugby tour to Australia or cricket tour to Sri Lanka or it could be a Geological trip to Iceland. All of these trips help provide first hand knowledge in the respective fields and give practical experience.