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Everyone is becoming more aware of the environmental implications humans are having on the planet and they are making a conscious effort to lower their individual impact.  Ecotourism and responsible travel are a growing trend that people want to be a part and more places are accommodating this. Eco lodges in rural and unspoilt landscapes and rainforests are barely making a footprint on the land they lie. More renewable energy is being created and as this grows, more places you go will make the change, but if the trends change then the industry needs to keep up!

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As the internet has become more and more accessible, the desires to try more extreme activities have grown. Trekking in tough terrain, cycling on rough tracks or climbing sheer rock faces, the more challenging the more appealing it becomes. Sky diving, cliff jumping or canoeing rapids, people are getting hungrier for an adrenaline fix. Everywhere you go in the world has opportunities to test your fears and push your boundaries so you have an experience that will stay in your mind for ever.

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National parks are becoming harder to find as the world becomes a more explored place, but people want to see untouched wildernesses. National parks are a great way to experience some of the planets least touched areas and see natural habitats. You will be spoilt by breath-taking landscapes, massive lakes and waterfalls, abundances of wildlife and snow capped volcanoes, all around the world these incredible lands lie and as nature documentaries become more popular, peoples desire to visit these beautiful places increases.


If you are already hearing people talking about their next adventures and new ideas that they have heard of we bet you want a slice of the action! This is why we are providing new exciting ideas to help you keep ahead of the game. People are constantly trying new things and the moment it hits social media the trend takes off and so it is important for these to be accessible to everyone so you can be part of the trend.

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