Year on year and day on day we are being introduced to new trends. All around us we can see this happening and you want to stay ahead of the game and keep up with different trends. We feel it is important to make sure these are available to everyone and keep people trying new and different experiences. Be it a style of activity or a type of adventure that people are following, you can always be part of it!


If you are already hearing people talking about their next adventures and new ideas that they have heard of we bet you want a slice of the action! This is why we are providing new exciting ideas to help you keep ahead of the game. People are constantly trying new things and the moment it hits social media the trend takes off and so it is important for these to be accessible to everyone so you can be part of the trend.

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Conservation is such a rewarding experience and essential in protecting and helping the planet. There are human communities in need all over the world for a variety of reasons. They may need clean water which involves building wells or shelter to protect them from rain and provide a comfortable place to live. This also involves education helping teach communities about things we find basic in daily life.


It is so important to be introduced to a wealth of opportunities growing up and many of these can take part during education. Don’t just sit in classrooms and lectures listening, but go away and build valuable life experience. Challenging expeditions in the summer, skiing in the winter break or sports and culture tours year-round that provide life changing moments. Life shouldn’t be taken for granted and sometimes the best way to realise this is to see how less fortunate countries so things differently with their comparative lack of resources.

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