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Escape to wellness Retreat 2019 Sri Lanka

Escape To Wellness Retreat 2019. 14th-24th Feb 2019.

Sri Lanka has a long and bright history with the UK and it is noticeable as you travel around this beautiful gem. The people are so friendly and thankful for what we have done in the past and for us visiting and enjoying their incredible country. There is so much on offer from indulging relaxation to wild adventures. We will use activities and positive affirmations to get to the bottom of what is happening now in your life and create an absolutely clear purpose and ideal outcome. We’ll help you find the limiting beliefs which hold you back and re-frame a positive mind-set.


• 98 Acres Resort, Ella. • Sigiriya Rock Fortress • Mini Adams peak. • Cultural and spiritual hotspot. • Elephant Orphanage. •Dambulla Cave Temples. •Galle Fort.

Workshop Highlights:

• Kinetic creativity, (Work shops on the move.) • Collaboration of two minds, bringing you the best. • Being in Sri Lanka for this retreat. • One on One sessions available. • Its not Therapy, its just bringing out the you. • 10 nights in Dreamy, stunning 4* and 5* star hotels, picked specifically for this tour.

What this Retreat can help with:

• Managing conflict in your life - at home or at work 
• Feeling tired and drained; find a simpler lifestyle 
• Cope better with worrying symptoms 
• Divorce and separation 
• Manipulation and the 'gas-lighting effect' 
• Loneliness, sadness and shyness 
• Self-esteem, confidence and loving yourself better 
• Weight issues 
• Sleep issues due to anxiety 
• Inner issues due to chronic illness 
• Spiritual Quest; finding a deeper meaning in life 
• Self hate and criticism • Business stress. • Seeking a break away from your life. • Gaining inspiration.

£2500 pp not including flights.

Exclusive offer to the first 4 people that book get £250 off the initial cost.


01531 800388

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