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A’ his and hers’ honeymoon

After the stress of planning a wedding, I was in need of a sunny, relaxing break on honeymoon, and this is where we could both relax and unwind and reminisce about the big day that went by so quickly. I call this honeymoon ‘the his and hers honeymoon’, Kriss being the adventure junkie and I being less adventurous, so incorporate a little of everything that we both enjoy. This way neither of us would get bored and save any bickering on where to go as after all sometimes you have to go and experience what the other one enjoys even if it is not quite your cup of tea!

Little did I imagine that I would be stepping way out of my comfort zone on this honeymoon and the first part wasn’t all as relaxing as I first thought.

It all started in Borneo and the very rainy rainforest, firstly a visit to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre where we got to see orangutans being rehabilitated to go back into the wild. This was well worth a trip just to see the cuteness of these monkeys, but also, how no one gives up on them. The volunteers involved do such a great job and are passionate about protecting them and this gives a real insight into their world.

We then headed down river and spent a couple of days in a lovely cabin, I was very surprised how well equipped they were for being in the rainforest. The two days consisted of watching wildlife on river cruises, pygmy elephants and wild orangutan sightings. Despite it being a little bit wet with some early morning starts, I could handle this for a couple of days. The resort even gave us special treats as we were on honeymoon which made it even better.

Next it was onto Tabin and what seemed to be deeper into the rainforest and even wetter. what I thought would be another easy going wildlife adventure was far from what I thought. After arriving we were greeted with a lovely lunch and welcome, they were all so lovely it was hard to not like it. Then, that afternoon, our guide told us we couldn’t go for the long walk as it was too dangerous due to the river being so high, at this point I was quite relieved and also good job as I didn’t want to become an injury victim. We were told we were going to do the shorter walk, wellington boots and leach socks were needed and waterproof clothing. For me I love walking I can do 10k’s and not bat an eyelid however somehow with this one I started to get a worried feeling at this point. I realised as soon as we started walking that this wasn’t going to be easy. Firstly with the mud and then getting told I couldn’t hold onto any of the trees as some can be extremely poisonous and finally, the icing on the cake, the leaches. Those little suckers were tiny, I imagined bigger things that you might come across, but oh no these were everywhere on you!! As we were on the go, we were all vigorously flicking them off when we could, squirming, oh the joy :-D

Kriss helped me every step of the way, well he didn’t have any choice whilst I moaned like crazy at him that this wasn’t a normal honeymoon! To give him his due, he didn’t quite realise what the trip entirely involved either, but he just got on with it. I think, at that moment, he knew what married life was going to be like! There’s nothing like starting early with the moaning. Poor bloke!

So after what seemed like forever for a short walk, we were still deep in the forest. Oh and we had to walk through a river, my face was not a happy one, the tour guide even grabbed my hand I don’t think he trusted me to walk on my own either. Fair to say that 3 hours later and after visiting the mud volcano I couldn’t care less anymore about the mud or leaches and even though still a little angry at Kriss I had done it and very proud of myself. I think Kriss was very glad it was over, so he wouldn’t have to hear me moan that day again at least.

After the rainforest adventure, Borneo began to get less strenuous, a few early morning wake up calls but no more leaches and I turned down any more leach walks, however a wild visit to the waterfall made up for it.

Fair to say our next stops on our honeymoon, Singapore and Langkawi, were far more relaxing. Sight seeing and a stay on a paradise beach made up for everything and Kriss was forgiven!

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