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The geology of cenotes creates an idyllic and unusual diving experience. Numerous formations like that of caving on land but you will be elegantly suspended in the varying waters. There could be haloclines creating a weird orientation as the waters go blurry and thermoclines creating bursts of warmth. The clarity of fresh water caves creates such visibility that allows you to see further around than most places you will dive in the ocean.

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Divers are natural explorers and the more you dive, the more you want to explore. Tec diving gives you the possibility of doing this in the ocean going deeper down and having longer bottom times and seeing things that might not be possible as a recreational diver. Far more challenging with more to think about it is important to get the course and teaching standard which is why we source training we can trust so you can enjoy at ease.

When you first learn to dive you will get so used to having a tank on your back, but this doesn’t have to be the way. Imagine creating flexibility and streamlining options by mounting cylinders on your sides. This also eliminates having to walk with heavy cylinders on your back, you can simply jump in the water, clip them on and go. There are so many scenarios which make sidemount diving an intelligent option such as gliding through tight swim throughs, just one of many benefits.​

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Once you have taken your first plunge below the oceans surface, you just know if diving is the career path for you. You will just want to be in the water all the time and with a zero to hero package this really could be your life. Day in day out on the ocean living by the coast, seeing different marine life and having incredible encounters which before were never possible!


Ever wondered what it would be like to breath under water, something totally unnatural from the moment you are born. Ever wanted to explore what’s beneath that massive body of water, the vibrant colours clinging to calcium structures and the species which live within and survive off them. Perhaps the aspiration to understand the archaeology of the oceans or the structural remains of humans built over thousands of years is what makes you curious. Whether you are thinking about trying SCUBA diving for the first time or planning a specialist trip with experienced divers, either way it is extremely important to get the structure right for the purpose of the trip.