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Made for the foodies of the world who want to discover new flavours and acquire a unique set of techniques. An opportunity to study and learn the secrets of Sri Lankan cuisine from both a famous hotel chef and a local house wife in the hill country.  Moreover, learn how to make well-known colonial dishes of Sri Lanka which is a mixture of both local flavour and colonial cooking methods that make delicious dishes that are famous both locally and internationally. Sri Lanka has a wide diversity of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to learn about and enjoy the taste of.

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The Veddas are Sri Lankan indigenous people. Modern Veddha’s Neolithic ancestors inhabited this island as far back as 10,000 BC as suggested by archaeological evidence & believed to be descendants of the Stone Age inhabitants of Sri Lanka. Being forest dwellers, they are essentially hunters and skilled at fishing, living mainly on venison, fish and other jungle provisions. Vaddas are a truly interesting group of people who will keep you mesmerized with their song, dance, stories, and skills all of which can be incorporated into a tribal tour.

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If you want to experience the best of Sri Lanka and aren’t quite sure exactly what to do, then a discovery itinerary is perfect. You will get a mix of culture, wildlife and adventure whilst seeing some of Sri Lanka’s most panoramic views. Buddhist temples are a massive part of Sri Lankan culture along with archaeological sites expressing its rich history. Sri Lanka also has a wealth of national parks allowing you to see an abundance of wildlife and with a variety of adventure never far away Sri Lanka will keep you on your toes and provide many surprises!



Negombo on the country’s western coast is a popular diving destination on account of twelve exceptional dive sites. Divers are treated to underwater landscapes ranging from pristine reefs full of fish to small rocky boulder strewn reefs. The wrecks of a WWII fighter aircraft and a 50 year old shipwreck now thriving marine colonies, are popular dive sites. The furthest dive spot the Third Reef offers clear blue water, excellent visibility and a diverse range of marine life, perfect for diving November to April.

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Great Journeys. Fascinating Places.

Sri Lanka is a country full of culture, wildlife, scenery and hospitality. A country full of smiles and warm hearts. The people of Sri Lanka take pride in their country and offer a huge variety of differing sights. Sri Lanka has so much to offer everyone, whether you want to relax or take time out to visit cultural sights and experiences. We personally recommend a bit of everything which is why a tour is a fantastic way to see as much as possible with the help of a private tour guide.
Our tours will be tailor made to your requirements., We will help you decide what the best places are to see to give you some guidance based on your likes and dislikes and will build in whatever time you can afford to take from your everyday schedule to rest and relax in between.
We always recommend an itinerary before travelling to Sri Lanka, 10 days is a good minimum time to stay and affords time to relax and unwind and then start your tour. Your tour guide will pick you up from your hotel and then set off on the tour. Experiences that are highly recommended on your trip are to climb Sigiriya rock, a lot of steps but the view is worth it. A safari tour in Minniriya National park to experience elephants in their own habitat and roaming free, an experience like no other and 
a memory that will never fade. Take to the wild in Yala and the outdoors with elite camping, a safari trip to see the leopards is on the cards. Trincomalee to whale and dolphin watch; May is a good time for Sperm whales and June, July and August for Blue whales and dolphins. Trinco has a stretch of fantastic and luxury beaches for diving and catching the sun afterwards. Drive through the countryside and rice paddies with a stay in Kandy for the temples and experience the local culture. 
Colombo is the main hub with metropolitan restaurants and hip youngsters, a drastic change to the scenery of most places in Sri Lanka. Ella a spot high in the mountains amongst the tea plantations; the best way to travel here is by train where you can hang out of the carriages and see the ladies picking tea leaves from the plants on your journey. Stay in the mountains and hike up Adam’s Peak for the stunning views.  This is just the start there are many things to see and do whilst on the tour. Of course, there will be time to swim and relax and stay in some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels Sri Lanka has to offer.
Note that the hikes we have recommended above may be found strenuous and require appropriate footwear but part of our service will be to establish the capability of your group.