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When we talk about wildlife it doesn’t just mean the rolling plains of Africa’s many nature reserves, but wildlife tours spanning the globe, from the frozen plains for Antarctica, to the Elephants of Sri Lanka and even the rainforests of south America and Borneo. Delve into the natural world and become one with the sights, smells and experiences that follow. Wherever you go there is wildlife to be explored and we have sourced some of the best experiences for wildlife lovers so you don’t just experience an incredible safari, but you can explore what is out to sea and countries you would never have thought of for wildlife that might just surprise you with incredible encounters. 
From wildlife safaris in Africa to tiger tracking in India and visits to the chattering penguins of Antarctica, no matter your passion we can accommodate. We bring you new experiences and new memories that will not just last for years, but your entire lifetime. We have 100s of ideas to make your trip the best trip ever.

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A Madagascar holiday is not all about the lemurs. But we must admit, they are a bit of a favourite of ours. About 80% of the flora and fauna here is endemic to the island – located off the coast of Mozambique in the Indian Ocean – a simply staggering statistic. Madagascar holidays are a wildlife lover’s dream. To walk in the forests of Perinet and Ranomafana searching for the howling Indri or the endearing Ring-tailed lemur is hugely rewarding. Along the way the smaller creatures are equally fascinating; the colourful chameleons and frogs, beautiful orchids and butterflies plus all manner of weird and wonderful insects from praying mantis to stick insects. And then there’s the beautiful coastline, French-style Creole cuisine and the dramatic and rocky national park of Isalo.

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Botswana is a vast, sparsely populated country, mostly desert but with the most prolific wetlands in Africa. Holidays in Botswana are thrilling, and it's well worth the effort required to reach some of its more remote places. The reserves of Chobe, Savuti, the prolific Moremi and the unique Okavango Delta are sensational, both in the summer, for birds especially, and in the dry autumn, winter and spring months, for bigger game. It is the largest elephant corridor in the world and the herds along the Chobe River can number in their thousands. The Okavango is the biggest inland delta anywhere; paddling through its reed-lined channels in a Mokoro (dugout canoe), watching the pristine wilderness slip by, is a most memorable experience.

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Japan isn’t somewhere that would instantly jump to mind when you are thinking of wildlife however Japan has a vast nature network with a number of national parks such as Shiretoko located in Eastern Hokkaid. Brown bears, foxes and deers reside on land whilst Orcas, sperm whales and seals inhabit the ocean, not to mention the species of birds. But this is mentioning just one of a number of incredible hidden spots that you really must visit in Japan.

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You might have a specific idea in mind which is why you need a tour customised to you. You might not want to go to all the same places as so many go and this is the way to have a completely unique wildlife experience at one with nature. Go to places where others rarely do and see the most wonderful wildlife in almost untouched lands and waters.

The team at ARC Adventure recognizes that each traveler has different needs. If none of our packages work for you, we’re more than happy to create one that does.