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Touring provides you with the opportunity to experience the best a destination has to offer and to go to places you may not have thought of on the way. Some places you may want to visit require going far off the beaten track and can be a good opportunity to plan in a number of unusual experiences. Imagine going where the tourists don’t go, not where the text book of travel tells you, these are the opportunities that touring represents yourself with. Your vision of touring might be hour after hour on a coach moving from place to place but if you think in detail touring can be a number of things.
Hiking can provide you with an exciting challenge and give you achievement after achievement whilst you are travelling. Reaching mountain peaks, unknown landmarks, scenery which really takes your breath away.
Cycling allows you to cover so much ground and set ambitious targets and challenges where you can push yourself to your limits. Steep inclines, off road tracks and you can build in so many unique experiences that you can leave a country knowing you have experienced as much as possible.
Rail takes you to places that wouldn’t be possible on foot or bike, it takes you deep into the countryside to idyllic sceneries that you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to see. Connect to village after village, city after city combining all the sights you wish to see in between and get to see a countries most natural beauty.


Whether it's kayaking beneath towering cliffs in the South China Sea, cycling by vibrant green paddy fields in the Mekong Delta or trekking amongst colourful hilltribes, this dynamic trip allows us to interact with the local people and environment in a way we couldn't by vehicle alone. We get a great insight into everyday life as well as seeing all the major sights. Of course, all this activity needs fuelling, which gives us the perfect excuse for sampling the superb Vietnamese cuisine.

16 days from £1949 pp, Including Flights.


Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, offers a cycling adventure like no other. We journey on largely quiet roads through a landscape of dramatic highland plains, unique rock formations and natural swimming pools. We pause to visit the lush chain of rainforest in the Ranomafana National Park with deep canyons and huge waterfalls. Your cycling is rewarded by a day to relax on the idyllic white sand beach of Ifaty on the coast, scattered with palms and protected by an offshore coral reef.

15 days from £3149 pp, Including Flights.


Bosnia & Herzegovina is a beautiful country with swathes of rugged wilderness. The Sutjeska National Park is one such area and boasts one of Europe’s last primeval forests, as well as the mighty Durmitor Mountains. This itinerary includes all the essential elements: ascending Bosnia's highest peak, Maglic Mountain, passing hidden waterfalls and glacial lakes and time for sightseeing in the beautiful cities of Sarajevo, Mostar and the Croatian town of Dubrovnik.

9 days from £1429 pp, Including Flights.

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