A family of adventure

Family moments are some of the most treasured you will have in your life whether it is when you are growing up or when you are creating memories for your children they are some of the proudest and cherished times. Whether it’s a relaxing holiday or a bit of an adventurous affair, we strive for the planning to be taken out of your tour, so you can focus on just enjoying the time away with your family. You want all the family memories created to be bundles of fun and laughs all the way and planning the right itinerary to keep everyone entertained really helps and making this happen. Whatever family adventure you desire, we want to help add in all the special moments that you can only share with your family.

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From a pride of lions to a herd of elephants and a crash of rhinos, Africa is the perfect place for the family to witness some of the world’s wildest animals.  
Experience it as one by spending quality time together on safari with a sole-use vehicle, taking to Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater to spot the ‘Big Five’ and visiting Kenya’s famous Masai Mara where the family can meet the Massai people and learn of their semi-nomadic heritage.
For those who want a hands-on experience (and don’t mind a bit of mud), try a frogging safari in South Africa’s Kruger Park as an introduction to the continent’s wildlife.  Kit out the kids with a net, headlamp and wellington boots and follow the guide as they help you catch, identify and release some colourful croakers.

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The ancient Inca capital of Cuzco is brimming with Spanish churches and Inca fortresses just waiting to be explored.

There’s fun to be had in the nearby Sacred Valley, with the chance to go paddle-boarding on Lake Piuray or mountain biking around the salt flats of Maras. Having acclimatised, we follow in the footsteps of the Incas along the classic four-day Inca Trail to the mysterious citadel of Machu Picchu via the Sun Gate.

In contrast to the Andes we delve into the tropical Amazon Rainforest and spend three days exploring the jungle trails, canopy towers and river banks in search of wildlife. 

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Experience Norway’s changing landscape along its contrasting coastline. Experience the fjords and Norway’s architectural and natural masterpieces combined with the medieval spirit in the old capital. Enjoy the wonders of the arctic where nature amazes from the marine giant whales to the graceful aviators of sea eagles. Crossing the arctic circle is not something many can boast, but with this tour you will also partake in Arctic tradition giving a diverse and cultured experience of Norway.

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Whether your family adventure is based on destinations or activities, you want to achieve the utmost possible for everyone. This means the destination and activities must suit exactly what you all want to achieve so it is the best experience possible. Some things you might do together and some you might split up and do differently depending on how adventurous each of you want to be and this is where a tailor-made trip can really suit a family.