Bike adventure in the mountains, at different times of years- is extreme sports and outdoor recreati


Beyond Limits

Adventure is defined to an individual. This is where we are so diverse.  We dynamically package your holiday to perfectly suit your own adventure. You might like to try something slightly different compared to the type of holiday you usually go on or you might want to try something completely new and test your limits. Imagine trying climbing on your beach holiday and discovering a new love for this or any activity. Imagine going somewhere new with a range of new experiences that have not only given you breath taking memories but a massive sense of achievement.  We take the time to understand what you want to get from your holiday from one extreme to the other so when we put together your prospective itineraries you are never far away from your perfect adventure. The peace of mind we provide you with will not only enhance your excitement for your trip but help you relax as we deal with all the detail for you!



Sunrise Tour

Touring is a unique way of taking an adventure, as you can travel alone or in a group. It gives you a chance to really get into your experience and can make it one of the best trips you have ever taken. To city tours or jungle tours, we have as many tours as you could possibly want.
And how you experience the tour is up to you, from walking to cycling and even rail. You can really get involved with touring.



When planning holidays with your family you always want to make sure it is a great time for everyone which can take a bit of extra thought.  Whether it’s a relaxing holiday or a bit of an adventurous affair, we strive for the planning to be taken out of your tour, so you can focus on just enjoying the time away with your family. You want all the family memories created to be bundles of fun and laughs all the way and planning the right itinerary to keep everyone entertained really helps and making this happen. Whatever family adventure you desire, we want to help add in all the special moments that you can only share with your family.


Dreamy scene of common South African safari wildlife animals together at sunset.jpg

Witnessing wildlife in its natural environment is awe inspiring. Knowing the dangers posed by potential encounters makes it ever more addictive. There is so much diversity throughout the planets ecosystems that every wildlife encounter provides its own unique experience. Both on land and in water, in woodlands and up mountains the species will be completely different.



Here at ARC Adventure we strongly believe in out of the box thinking, so we wanted to bring out this concept with our very own set of unique tours. Not just off the beaten track but also the road less travelled. Bringing you tours that are so unique that they aren’t just once in a lifetime, but also one in a million. So, you get the true explorers experience.